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It is very important that fish be handled carefully to keep the delicate flavor of freshwater or saltwater fish. Because it smells good, too. There are ways to keep the quality of fish after it's caught and make it into a tasty meal. What do you think?

1) Do not touch any hard surface right after landing to avoid getting bruises.

Quickly rinse off any slime or bacteria that could make food go bad with a hose or bucket. Do not use water that has come from nearby marinas or cities, or from industrial waste. To be safe, always drink water from a bottle.

2) It's important to cool the fish quickly so it doesn't get bad. Icing can be done well with a little planning and cheap tools.

Refrigerated fish should be kept at the same temperature all the time. As long as it's three inches deep, you should put fish in your freezer. During the last rinse, use one quart of chlorinated water to clean the last thing off.

3) Remove the fish as quickly as possible from the water.

Some of their scales have bacteria that aren't sterile, but they have sterile tissues inside them. As a way to keep bacteria from spreading, be gentle when you wash fish. It doesn't need to take a long time to gut the fish. Cutting the abdomen is a good idea because it removes the blood and other parts of the body from the body, which is a good thing. Long-term freshwater soaking of fish fillets that have been cleaned could change the texture and flavor of the meat.

4) Clean fish can be eaten for up to five days before it loses a lot of the food that it is good for.

Preparing one's hands before handling fish is also very important. What kind of fish you're cooking doesn't matter; there is one golden rule that you must follow at all times. In either case, cook it for exactly 10 minutes per inch of thickness, no matter how thick it is In foil or with a sauce, you should let fish cook for at least 15 minutes. Frozen fish needs more time to cook.

If the fish is going to be baked in aluminum foil, it will take longer to cook and the heat will take longer to reach the fish, so it will take longer to cook. If you're cooking fresh fish, this should add 5 minutes, and for frozen fish, it should add 10. Thaw fish that has been frozen for more than 24 hours by running it under cold, not room-temperature water. Thaw frozen fish before cooking it.-rw

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