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The Impatient Fisherman: the story of a man whose impatience left him empty-handed

Mr. Wilson went fishing for his dinner, but as the day wore on, there wasn’t a fish to be seen.

Just after Mr. Wilson gave up out of frustration, something rather remarkable happened...

MORAL:  Patience and planning can prevent unnecessary difficulty.

The Impatient Fisherman is the story of a man who was left empty-handed due to his impatience.

Mr. Wilson went fishing for his dinner, but there were no fish to be found as the day progressed.

Something unusual happened shortly after Mr. Wilson gave up in frustration...

MORAL: Patience and forethought might help you avoid unneeded stress.

Mr. Wilson decided to go fishing, promising his wife that he would bring her some fish when he returned. So, in the glorious afternoon sun, he walked down to the river and perched on a rock with his fishing pole.

But there was no sign of a fish. A small fish would pass by where he was sitting every now and then, and he'd follow it with his net until he tripped over a rock and fell face down into the river.

"Awful fish!" exclaims the narrator. Mr. Wilson mumbled something.

Mr. Wilson had yet to catch a single fish as the day progressed and the sun began to drop. When his next-door neighbors, Mr. Brown and his son Billy, walked out to the river's edge to watch the sunset and catch a few fish, he became upset and began stomping angrily in the water.

Mr. Wilson didn't say anything to them as he stormed out, enraged by his squandered afternoon.

“Gee!” Billy remarked. "Isn't he a little enraged?"

Mr. Brown explained, "I think I'm hungry." "It would have been better if he had waited a little longer." When the air is chilly like this, the fish come up to feed."

They heard fish breaching the surface of the water as he talked, and the father and son scooped half a dozen fish out of the river with ease.

How often do we give up while we're only a few steps away from achieving our goal? We can get into the trap of believing that the world is against us and that nothing will ever go our way. In reality, we're the ones who cause our own agony and suffering!

Mr. Wilson could have greatly improved his chances of catching fish by spending a few minutes studying about their routines. Knowing what they like to eat, when they prefer to eat, and where they're most likely to sleep would have saved him a day of irritation and kept him dry.

When things appear to be getting worse, it may be time to take a step back and reconsider the issue. What do we know that we don't? Is there anyone who has been here before and could offer some advice to make us more successful?

It's possible that pride and irritation are preventing us from finding the information we need to succeed. Perhaps we should seek advice from people who have already been successful. The majority of people are not only willing to help, but also willing to share what they've learnt.

Consider the areas of your life where you feel like you're spinning your wheels and, no matter how hard you try, the results just don't seem to be there. Then consider whether a better plan or a mentor could assist you in getting through that stumbling block.

Perhaps you already have the knowledge you require, but you're too preoccupied with moving forward to consider a strategy. Slowing down, taking your time, and considering your options can save you a lot of time and effort. This method can help you achieve far higher life success!

It's preferable to move forward slowly and carefully rather than being the first to the lake and returning empty-handed.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

Is there anything in your life that makes you feel frustrated and unsuccessful?
Who knows more about the situation? Maybe a friend, coworker, or family member?
Is pride or dissatisfaction preventing you from seeking assistance in areas where you may improve your performance?-rw

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    Bob Perry
    Bob Perry

    April 17, 2022

    Beautiful family. Loved the story. God bless you for your service

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