Fishing Imagery Sign

Product Description

Fishing is more than an experience. It's a tradition. Time tested and full of utility. It's the embodiment of everything a classic patriot believes in: hardwork and peace. This stunning piece of metal art work puts those ideas into sharp relief.


  • One design available
  • Size: 18"
  • Can be hung with screws or nails

Fishing is a favorite American pastime. It's filled with delicious little memories filled with glistening lakes, babbling streams and that streaming silver fish that glimmers like precious metal as you pull it off of your line. We thought it would be fitting to immortalize this same feeling with a gorgeously sculpted metal artwork that speaks to the fisherman in you and allows all those memories to rise to the top. 


Product Information

  • Dimensions: approximately 15" x 18" 
  • Comes with mounting holes
  • Hang with nails or screws into the wall
  • Highly durable 18-gauge steel



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