Green Fish Scale Men's Board Shorts With A Waterproof Pocket - A Dry

The Best Men's board shorts With A Waterproof Pocket. Our Waterproof Pocket Shorts Have A Dry Bag Built Into What Is A Completely Dry Pocket

Green fish scale men's board shorts with a waterproof pocket. These waterproof shorts comes with 2 pockets 1 pocket being waterproof. Our dry pocket board shorts are waterproof up to 100 feet deep. We designed these men's board shorts to be stretchy for comfort and quick dry. These waterproof shorts are 20" outer seam and 9" inseam. The waist will stretch up to 2 inches in each size. Our dry pocket board shorts are the perfect waterproof shorts for any outdoor adventure. These waterproof board shorts have you covered whether you are riding off road atv's, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, boating, or spending the day at the beach.
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