Hitorhike Topselling Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Hitorhike Outdoor Hammock Sleeping Pad is a fast filling air bag or a camping mat inflatable mattress with pillow life rescue 550g cushion pad. It is ideal for outdoor use, you can carry this sleeping pad for camping and hiking.


  • It is a water-resistant material that isolates moisture, keeps you warm, and easy to clean.
  • There's a patched fabric to protect the HITORHIKE sleeping pad when there's a hole to avoid air leakage.
  • It provides comfort and no leak is the priority, with air-support cells design to limit air movement and heat loss.
  • The cubed surface design fits the body’s natural curves, whether you sleep on this on your back, sides, or stomach, you can always feel comfortable.
  • The specially designed two-way valves prevent the air leak, so there’s no worry about get up and inflate it in the middle of the night, just have a good sleep.


  • Dimensions (L x W x T): 1900*580*50mm
  • Colors: Orange, Deep Blue, Sky blue, Green
  • Net weight: 0.55kg
  • Material: 20d nylon + TPU + patent gas nozzle (PGN)
deep blue
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